Terms & Conditions

PolarisHub Projects

For Cheque Payment

All cheque payments must be made by means of a crossed cheque or bank draft made payable to:  PolarisHub


For Bank Transfer

Please use our bank details as follows:

  • Bank: United Overseas Bank (UOB)
  • Bank Code: 7375
  • Branch Code: 028
  • Account No.: 3493013007


For Credit Card via PayPal

All credit card payment will be processed by PayPal – the world’s leading payment service provider. Please note there will be a 4% + $0.50 (SGD) for all Paypal transactions and customers will have to bear the extra costs. For more information on PayPal, please visit their website at www.paypal.com. 

Once invoice is issued to our Client, please pay the outstanding amount within the next 7 days from the date of the invoice given. In the event that the Client fails to pay within the 7 days, PolarisHub shall be entitled to unilaterally terminate the agreement and discontinue the service until payment is made. A reactivation fee of S$50.00 will be charged.