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E-commerce Online Store

Want to sell online? Owns a blogshop? Using yearly or monthly subscription ecommerce platforms? What about getting your own ecommerce online shop that belongs to yours truly and customized the way you want it.

We will design and develop effective e-commerce solutions that convert users into customers. We've built small and large e-commerce solutions for a variety of businesses such as selling of products for retail sectors or service sector such as selling of courses, workshops, events and subscriptions.

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In the Nutshell


Inventory Management System

Create unlimited products, keep track of your stocks and know your best selling item.

Customers Management System

Manage your customers records, track their purchases, payment status and generate invoices.

Payment & Shipping

Accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express via PayPal. Create shipping fees for both local and international orders.

Promotion & Marketing

Run coupon or discount code campaign offering a range of discounts to your customers. Integrate social media plugin to allow easy sharing of your listings and thus increasing website traffic. Riding on Google Analytics to track your website performances, visits, page views and conversion rates.

Reports Generation

Overview of your business performance and export data out such as newsletter subscriptions, customers and orders information.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

We offer you packages that will rank your website on the first page of the search engines within 6 months. Read More.