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PolarisHub focus on our client requirements and specifications to develop our system, catering to their business needs is our forte.

We keep in mind that for every system we create, it aims to increase productivity and improve the quality of service for our clients. Can't find something off the shelf? Come talk to us today and see how we can help you.

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Human Resource (HR) Management System

Our Human Resource Management System aims to improve productivity by removing manual processes making it easy for employees and supervisors to exchange information about schedules. Decision making becomes rapid and time-consuming interactions are eliminated.

Our Human Resource Management System aims to improve quality of service by making it easier for company to control and improve the service level they deliver. There will be lesser last minute changes and employees are matched to the shift as per the needs and their skills making the process effective.

  1. Employee Database
  2. Devise a system for shift work management
  3. Manage staff attendance record and keep track of absenteeism
  4. Implement effective leave management system for employee


Our Students Management System is built to keep in mind the requirement of a private school, tuition centers, kindergarten or childcare centers. Students Management System provides a systematic solution to scheduling classes, the Students Management system includes a class management system which creates a seamless master schedule according to subjects and their respective teachers and the day of classes are fixed on. The class management system calendar view provides the management of overview of all classes and thus control over the private school, tuition centers, kindergarten or childcare centre. You can efficiently manage students' enrollment, attendances, classes, test schedules and results.

Students Management System aims to reduce administrative tasks for educators by using a technology that is useful and efficient.

  1. Student and teacher management
  2. Registration of students
  3. Booking of lessons / test
  4. Generate students attendance report

Inventory Management System

Our Inventory Management System manages your inventories and check your supply levels in real-time, it put all your inventories information right at your fingertips. Inventory Management System effectively keeps tracks of your inventories usage, purchase and sales to prevent stock from going missing. You will also receive optional notifications when your specific inventory levels get low.

  1. Real-time on hand quantity
  2. Generate sales invoice
  3. Generate sales reports by product and by season
  4. Inventory Management System supports discount and shipping function
  5. Shopping cart with payment integrated