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PPC (Pay Per Click), also called cost per click , refers to an internet advertising model employed to direct traffic to your business websites, in which you, the advertisers pay only when the advertisement is clicked on. The cost of every click is based on the keyword popularity, the assessment of the search engine on the descriptive nature of the keyword and PPC ad on the website, as well as how often the ad is clicked against the competing ads.

As an advertiser, you can choose to advertise in Singapore or Internationally on Google search engine or popular sites such as Youtube. Regardless of the location of the site, you will only pay for a PPC advertisement when an online user clicks the link to your website.

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Why choose PPC advertising

Benefits of Using PPC

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The major advantage of Pay Per Click is that it is the fastest way to drive traffic to any site. Unlike building Search Engine Optimization campaign that takes months to realise the benefits of high rankings, Pay Per Click ads will appear on the search results once the PPC campaign is launched.

This form of advertising offers you, the business owners the ability to control and design the campaign to achieve your business needs. We can help you to create seasonal campaigns such that PPC Advertisements appear over a given period only. We can bid the amount that you wish to pay. Moreover, there are several targeting options available in terms of time, locations,keywords and branding.

This campaign offers flexibility for you as we help you to track the PPC campaign performance. You can choose to focus the advertisements on a specific position only or simply pay more for some keywords at a given time of the day or even week.

Another advantage lies in the fact that your company will be able to regulate costs by setting monthly and daily budgets. PPC advertisers can decide the amount they wish to pay for their keywords plus other bidding considerations, like hiked traffic, to achieve their marketing goals.

PayPerClick campaigns allow one to pay only when prospective clients clicks on the advertisement. You will not be charged for putting an advert on the result pages of the search engines; meaning that you will still promote your brand free of charge. After clicking on the PPC advert, a customer might then save the URL on his computer and visit the site later or even send the link to their friends.

With this advertising campaign, we can help businesses to target their ads to be seen by potential customers only. Targeting options like targeting by language, location, demographics, age and time will allow you to target an audience that would possibly buy your product.

The development of PPC also puts every business on an equal playing field. We are able to help small medium enterprises to have a higher winning chance at keyword bids and being high on the search engine results just as larger companies when the keyword corresponding to a given advertisement is searched. Therefore, both companies would benefit from PPC campaigns equally.

If you are planning to expand your business into other countries, you cannot ignore our SEO services. We provide the most effective and reliable tools you can use to generate more revenue and expose your products or services nationally, or even globally.

SEO is a very important search engine marketing tool for any business that is looking to gain a competitive advantage on the internet. While most enterprises build an online presence, which can be a website or directory listing, they do not take measures to ensure internet users are able to find them when searching for products or services online. If you run a company that provides a product or service in Singapore and/or internationally, you need to start utilizing the SEO process so you can be found by potential clients through search engines. This is one of the most effective solutions to keep ahead of competition.

Research indicates that up to 75% of internet users never browse past the first page of Google. Also, about 53% of them will visit the top ten ranked websites for more information. This means that your enterprise is most likely to grow dramatically in Singapore and even internationally when you engage professional SEO services.